What is "Integrative Therapy"

Integrative therapy is a holistic  approach to counseling where mind, body and spirit are incorporated into  the therapeutic process. 

How often does counseling take place?

 Each client’s journey is tailored to their individual needs. For  example, sessions may begin as weekly and then move to every other  week. Some clients return every few months and call it a "check in"  session. 

How much will therapy cost me?

If you decide not to use insurance, the initial fee is $120 for the first session and $100 for hourly sessions thereafter. Accepted forms of payment are credit  cards, HSA, checks or cash. Receipts will be given upon request for submission to insurance carriers. 

What are some reasons to start counseling?


Some of the reasons people attend counseling sessions include:

• Failing relationships
• A loss of any sort
• Career stress or uncertainty
• Faced with life changes
• A feeling of unhappiness, sadness or anxiety

Is my information confidential?

 All information is confidential and HIPAA compliant,  inclusive of emails.  You may contact me for more information.