Integrative Therapies invites our clients to heal in an atmosphere that is safe, comfortable and non-judgmental. We value and respect the privacy of our clients and their self-integrity, for we understand this process takes courage and trust. Our intention is to provide a setting in which the initial stages of inner healing can occur.

Integrative Therapies is located at 276 Bank Street in Seymour, CT. 06483.

Integrative Therapies

Integrative Therapies is a counseling center for couples, families, and individuals. Our staff is highly experienced and knowledgeable about how to guide our clients on their journey to healing. Through an integrated approach, we treat each person as an individual and tailor our services to their needs providing a safe, non-threatening atmosphere where the deepest level of healing can occur.

Integrative Therapies is located in New Haven County off of Route 8, which is convenient to Valley area residents as well as those residing in Southbury, Woodbury, Woodbridge, Bethany, Amity, Milford and New Haven.

Accepted Providers

Integrative Therapies currently accepts the following insurance providers.

Integrative Therapies currently accepts the following insurance providers.

Francine Messier

francine_messier“Francine’s talented and sincere therapeutic style has enabled me to strengthen my ability to feel connected to my inner self in ways that restored my confidence to establish authentic and honest bonds with people around me.”

Natasha Provancher

natasha_provancher“After my first meeting with Natasha, not only did I recognize that she was a well-trained and intuitive therapist, I also felt sensitivity from her, which would be a key ingredient in developing a trustworthy relationship.”

Lisa Santiago

lisa_santiago“As a certified wholistic health coach I will support and help guide you through a learning process that will not only help you lose weight, but will transform your life. As part of this process, you will break harmful habits and develop new and energizing patterns.”